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Inspired by the Zoo podcast, @zoopodcast on Twitter.

When cryptids encounter humanity, someone's sure to notice. One of those entities is the mysterious Zoo, a place outside of our normal rules of space or logic that is drawn to these enigmatic creatures. Agents, under the guidance of the Director, collect these specimens and bring them back to the Zoo for their own safety and the good of humanity in general. Some time ago, you made your peace with living apart from the rest of the population and took up residence in the Zoo, serving as a member of a capture team dedicated to collecting impossible creatures and remanding them to the Zoo for safekeeping.

This game is for 3 or more players, one of whom serves as the Facilitator who helps build the world and play the Cryptid the Agents are attempting to collect. Agents and the Cryptid are generated during the session of this zero-prep one-shot RPG. Take these unique characters and pit them against impossible beings and unexpected complications, learning that you can only rely on your team to survive what comes next.

Challenges are resolved with a combination of luck and planning when it comes to the card-based mechanics of this game, which makes extensive use of a standard deck of playing cards for character creation, challenge resolution, and randomization. No two sessions of The Good That Zoos Do will play the same!

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
Tagscryptidjam, Monsters


The Good That Zoos Do.pdf 500 kB
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