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"...The most tragically romantic game I've ever read or played." -Shawn Drake of A Couple of Drakes

The Long Way Home is a two-player game about connection, perseverance, and how far we’re willing to go to find our partner in this cruel life.

This is a game for a couple in post-apocalyptic desolation separated by an impassable boundary. While one of you was out scavenging for supplies, an alarm went through the Habitat that sealed the doors despite your partner’s best efforts. Your band of scavengers discovered the Habitat years ago and live in the levels closest to the massive blast doors at the main entrance. When the alarm sounded, the Habitat sealed itself shut and no one knows how long it will remain sealed.

If you have any chance of seeing your beloved again, you will have to beat the odds and hold onto the slivers of hope delivered via one-way audio or video transmissions you can broadcast to one another. The connection isn’t strong enough to allow a conversation, but it’s all you have until you see each other again. Assuming you can make that happen.

Day by day, each of you will draw prompts from a deck of playing cards. These prompts will have you imagining scenarios, answering questions, and tracking your resources, health, and progress towards victory. Sharing your recordings back and forth will help insulate your partner from the horrors of their situation and vice versa. This asynchronous connection is the only contact your characters will have with each other until the end of the game when you discuss your reunion or your lonely demise. The game runs between 9 and 14 days on average, with optional rules for solo play.

The Long Way Home is a Wretched & Alone title based on Chris Bissette's The Wretched. The setting and scenario is based on the short play Beyond the Gate, the script of which is included in the download.

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Tagsjournaling, Post-apocalyptic, Sci-fi, Two Player, wretched-and-alone


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